Recommended by Carpet Manufacturers

Carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning once every 12-18 months as part of the regular maintenance of your carpet. Many manufacturers even require this as part of their warranty and they may even require proof of regular cleanings. These regular cleanings will extend the life of your carpet for many years. Contaminants such as dirt, food, body oils, urine and etc, all act like an abrasive when they are allowed to remain in your carpet and break down the fibers resulting in premature carpet wear.

Our Process

First: We spray all carpet with the appropriate cleaning agents, not just high traffic areas or spots . We also treat any spots and stains with the necessary chemicals to affect their removal.
Second: Utilizing truck mounted equipment, we rinse the carpet and extract the contaminants out of your home, leaving no residue in your carpet.

Vacuum Often

Thorough and regular vacuuming with a good quality vacuum is the first step in prolonging the life of your carpet. How often you should vacuum is dependant upon the environment of your home. Weekly is the absolute minimum interval for vacuuming carpet with daily vacuuming for high traffic areas.


Clean up liquid spills immediately using a white cloth/towel to soak up as much moisture as possible. Then, use a wet/dry vacuum with a spray bottle filled with warm water to rinse the carpet. This process will do more for your carpet than using store bought cleaners as long as the spill is fresh. If a spill has been allowed to sit very long and penetrate the carpet fibers, appropriate cleaning agents and methods will be necessary to remove any stains.

Regular Cleanings

Regularly cleaning the carpet in your home is an important step in prolonging the life of your carpet. As mentioned above, manufacturers recommend a minimum of every 18 months with every 12 months for more adverse conditions.

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